The Power of 3.5 is the 10th, final Season 2 and twenty-first episode of the American animation series, The Kroozie-way Jays. It was published on September 2nd, 2018.


Joseph’s hatred continues:Edit

Pikachu, High Pitched Voice and Joseph open up the episode with Joseph wanting The Kroozie-way Jays wanting to be the only one because he (Joseph) gets whatever he wants - whenever he wants it; when the “lousy bargin basement brats” do not get what ever they want, it was the way it was going to have to be. Pikachu claims that this hatred is getting annoying, thus having The Kroozie-way Jays flying into Joseph and Joseph flying back home.

At 702 Liberty Lane…Edit

The Kroozie-way Jays saved another day, until...

Is that another Pokémon?Edit

…a Pokémon whom teleported in a yellow aura and the Pokémon lands on Pikachu, thus concluding with him (Pikachu) screaming.

Riolu Chu’s debut!Edit

The Pokémon turned out to be Riolu Chu; he has the same last name as Pikachu and High Pitched Voice, denoting that Riolu is The Kroozie-way Jays’ younger brother and the third Kroozie-way Jay. Pikachu and High Pitched Voice were shocked at first because Riolu got sent to the human world, but they were surprised as of now!

Joseph’s Scheme!Edit

Joseph uses his telescope to spy on The Kroozie-way Jays and claimed that he should be the only Kroozie-way Jay; now he will show them (The Kroozie-way Jays).

Time to show Riolu to everyone!Edit

With Riolu on Pikachu and High Pitched Voice’s side, they show him (Riolu Chu) to everyone they know.

Riolu meets Blacky…Edit

Blacky was watching SML, until 2 of the 3 The Kroozie-way Jays rudely interrupt Blacky by telling him (Blacky) that they have a younger brother and a third Kroozie-way Jay on the scene; Pikachu then later schemes by saying “Family is nothing but trouble!”. Much to Blacky’s dismay, Riolu Chu appears and says hello to him (Blacky); Blacky then “mocks” Pikachu, but due to Pikachu’s outburst, Riolu activated his uncontrollable powers and the three got kicked out in the process, just like what happened last year.

Why does Riolu have uncontrollable powers?Edit

Pikachu wants to know why Riolu has uncontrollable powers, Riolu said that he got kicked out of the Pokémon World because of his uncontrollable powers; the three of them later sleep outside that night.

Oh no! It is Joseph!Edit

With Joseph’s plan about to go into action, he takes Riolu away, locks him (Riolu) up in a cage and drives away; 2 of the 3 Kroozie-way Jays must save Riolu from Joseph before it was too late!

What are Pikachu and High Pitched Voice to do now?!Edit

Pikachu and High Pitched Voice were sad - they decide to break into Joseph’s house.

Joseph drains Riolu’s powers, NO!Edit

Riolu is now trapped in a double cage and Joseph gets a power drainer so that he could have Riolu’s powers; the electric shock from Joseph’s power drainer was going to drain Riolu’s superpowers.

On the other side of town…Edit

Now Pikachu and High Pitched Voice get ready to go to Joseph’s house and duke it out against him (Joseph)!

Fight no. 1:Edit

Pikachu and High Pitched Voice were looking for Joseph, but he (Joseph) was actually in his room about to jump down from there; he was about to ground pound on High Pitched Voice, luckily, Pikachu pushed him (High Pitched Voice) away. Joseph makes the first strike towards Pikachu and he (Pikachu) goes Super Sayien on Joseph, now this is where it gets real now! After some conflict, Joseph puts all the Pokémon to sleep.

Looks like someone is tired!Edit

Pikachu begins to yawn in the process, now Joseph must wait for him (Pikachu) and High Pitched Voice to go to sleep and he will become the only Kroozie-way Jay; Pikachu was so tired - he and High Pitched Voice had to retreat and flee from the battle before being caught by Joseph and put in cages for the rest of their lives. Joseph is now about to catch up to The Kroozie Jays, until 4 Officer Ty’s surround Joseph’s area!

And they just fell from the sky!Edit

With The Kroozie-way Jays knocked out, Mayor Ty was upset that The Kroozie-way Jays have been knocked out, until... ...The Kroozie-way Jays wake up; they tell them that they have failed to save Riolu Chu after being kidnapped by Joseph. Mayor and Officer Tys come up with an idea to break into Joseph’s house in the middle of the night.

Back in Joseph’s house…Edit

With 2 of the 3 Kroozie-way Jays in Joseph’s house, they attempt to free Riolu, until Joseph taunts Pikachu and High Pitched Voice for breaking in his (Joseph’s) house; he was about to fight with 2 of the 3 Kroozie-way Jays. High Pitched Voice was restraining Joseph - Pikachu tries to pick the lock, but it was so indestructible - it was impossible! Joseph fires a middle with his superpowers and Pikachu flies away with Joseph “accidentally” setting Riolu free. Now Riolu had gotten his superpowers back; his powers were no longer uncontrollable; the fight ends with The Kroozie-way Jays jumpiling on Joseph.


Officer Ty begins to take Joseph away and he (Officer Ty) thanks The Kroozie-way Jays for what they have done that day. The episode concludes with Riolu Chu leaving the human world and Pikachu gives him (Riolu) a KWJs pendant.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • No end screen, or credits were used.
  • Joseph makes a reference to Mario & Luigi Dream Team with the Dreambeats.
  • Pikachu breaks the fourth wall in the episode when he said that Joseph has been trying to become a Kroozie-way Jay for 2 Seasons.


  • Pikachu and saying Blacky saying that “Family is nothing but trouble!” is a reference to the 2017 reboot of Ducktales.
    • Dewey also said it in the pilot episode of the 2017 reboot of Ducktales, “Woo-oo!”.
  • Joseph saying “Running won't save you now” is a reference to Bowser from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
    • Shortly after that, Joseph saying "You can run, you can hide, you can fly as well but I will catch you while you're asleep" is a reference to the quote from the unreleased Powerpuff Girls Episode, "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey" where the they said "You can run, you can hide, but I will find you".
  • Pikachu "spindashing" into Joseph is a direct reference to the 1998/1999 and 2001 games for the Sega Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2.

Music used:Edit

Music used at the beginning and during Joseph kidnapping Riolu.

Pokémon Movie09 BGM Enter Pokémon Ranger!! Mission of E.O.P

Music used during The Kroozie-way Jays being in pursuit of saving Riolu.

Pokémon Movie09 BGM - As Long As I Can Hold My Breath

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