"I don't like grass! I don't like drinking fountains!!"
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The Kroozie-way Jays are the stars of the YouTube Series. Kroozie-way jays help fight crime by defeating villains such as Big Red, or Joseph Potter. Pikachu is an electric Mouse Pokémon who uses electricity, whilst The High Pitched Voice Snivy is a Grass Snake Pokémon who uses nature related moves.



  • Pikachu is a yellow anthropomorphic mouse Pokémon with black eyes and white pupils. He also has red spots for conducting and storing electricity.
    • If someone gets oh-so close to him, he will emit very bad electric sparks and the person will be shocked in embarrassment.

The High Pitched Voice Snivy:Edit

  • The High Pitched Voice Snivy (High Pitched Voice, or The HPV Snivy for short) is a forest green (cerulean from Season 2 and onwards) grass snake with a forest green (cerulean from Season 2 and onwards) body and a some-what yellow outer body with yellow tails.

Personality: Edit

Pikachu (The Awesomest One):Edit

  • Pikachu is shown to be a very cheeky character and doesn't play by the rules, in which Blacky doesn't appreciate it.
    • Just like Joseph, he has a short fuse and is short tempered because somethings might not go his way.

The High Pitched Voice Snivy (The Cute One):Edit

  • High Pitched Voice is shown to be nice and although he doesn't lead The Kroozie-way Jays, he's shown to correct those that have to be corrected, especially Pikachu.
    • He also gets scared easily of things.


Blacky Cruise (2017-present):Edit

When The Kroozie-way Jays first met Blacky in The Kroozie-way Jays Origins, Blacky seemed to hate them at first by telling to leave their house. He (Blacky) shows his remorse by letting The Kroozie-way Jays live here after they just got kicked out of the Pokémon World. In late Season 1, Blacky started to hate some of the actions that Pikachu has caused because he (Pikachu) causes the most trouble in this household; he and Blacky then started to get along in Season 2 but there are still some arguments between Blacky and Pikachu that break out.

Riolu Chu (possibly 2013-present):Edit

On September 2018, Riolu Chu did not get kicked out of the Pokémon World, but instead, King Raichu decided to give Riolu the chance to see his brothers by giving him teleportation powers. When they first met, Pikachu showed him to Blacky, but Pikachu’s sudden outburst had caused the three of them to be forced to get out of Blacky’s house like he (Blacky) did last year.

Joseph Potter (2017-present):Edit

Pikachu and Joseph really hate each other because Joseph brings pain and suffering to people he comes into contact with and the fact that Pikachu has an enormous ego towards Joseph. High Pitched Voice both hates him (Joseph) and somewhat likes him because of the same reason above and he was invited to come to Joseph’s party.

Big Red (2017-present):Edit

Both Kroozie-way Jays hate Big Red because of his (Big Red’s) tedious crimes and how he is so annoying to them. Pikachu has a strong dislike to Big Red due to his evil and petty crimes, but HPV is somewhat scared of Big Red as shown in the pilot episode.

The Pikachu Bros. (2017-present):Edit

Pikachu really hates all 5 of The Pikachu Bros., especially Red since he does not know when to quit. As for the other 4, he (Pikachu) does not know Blu, Yelo, Gren, or Purpl very well since they have the least interaction and HPV hates all 5 of them in the same way as Pikachu.

Officer Ty: (2017-present):Edit

Pikachu is neutral to Officer Ty as shown in the pilot episode due to him (Pikachu) being told to flee from the scene and that he (Officer Ty) told Pikachu to follow by the beach rules.


  • Pikachu’s name has been mentioned more than 200 times in the series as of the start of Season 3.
    • High Pitched Voice’s name has been mentioned 213 times in the series as of the end of Season 2.