Season 2 of The Kroozie-way Jays was announced just before the end of 2018 and premiered on February 18, 2018 and concluded on September 2, 2018.


Season 2 Episodes Edit

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Crime Legalized! February 18, 2018 08:36 N/A N/A
Joseph Potter buys The Town of Liberty Lane and LEGALIZES CRIME. How will The Kroozie-way Jays save the day now?



The KWJs- Blacky's "Mystic Mountain" Problem

The KWJs- Blacky's "Mystic Mountain" Problem

Blacky's Mystic Mountain Problem March 25, 2018 11:02 N/A N/A
After Blacky gets called by Officer Ty to write a "score", he notices that The Kroozie-way Jays got addicted to playing "Mystic Mountain on Roblox". But then Blacky gets addicted after being introduced to it. How will Blacky ever write a score while he's addicted to Mystic Mountain?



The KWJs The "Big Red" Stranger

The KWJs The "Big Red" Stranger

The "Big Red" Stranger March 31, 2018 09:52 N/A N/A
When Big Red tricks a few kids into getting superpowers and using them to fight fire with fire against The Kroozie-way Jays, how will they stand up to Big Red's attempt to take over the world?



The KWJs Joseph's Sweet 6th Birthday Blowout!

The KWJs Joseph's Sweet 6th Birthday Blowout!

Joseph's Sweet 6th Birthday Blowout April 18, 2018 11:03 N/A N/A
It's Joseph Potter's 6th Birthday and Pikachu thinks something fishy is going on because he's not invited!



The KWJs Burglar EXPOSED!

The KWJs Burglar EXPOSED!

Burglar EXPOSED! April 22, 2018 8:35 N/A N/A
It's the end of a quiet, peaceful, crime-free day. But not for long because someone breaks into 702 Liberty Lane in the middle of the night while Pikachu, The High Pitched Voice Snivy, and Blacky are asleep. It's up to The Kroozie-way Jays to stop him WITHOUT WAKING BLACKY!



The KWJs KurtisTheSnivy for a Day!

The KWJs KurtisTheSnivy for a Day!

KurtisTheSnivy for a Day April 30, 2018 6:55 N/A N/A
The Kroozie-way Jays make a bet that they can make impressions of KurtisTheSnivy and his artwork for the entire 24 hours. They fight crime while making the impressions and then they annoy everyone. Can they successfully win the bet?



The KWJs Clone Jam 2; Send in the Clones

The KWJs Clone Jam 2; Send in the Clones

Clone Jam 2: Send in the Clones May 5, 2018 11:09 N/A N/A
Once again, Joseph Potter breaks The Pikachu Bros out of prison and disguises them as The Kroozie-way Jays and while disguised, they cause property damage and eat and drink a lot and run without paying! As that causes problems with the real Kroozie-way Jays, they decide to look for the fakes of them!



The KWJs- Pikachu's Amnesia

The KWJs- Pikachu's Amnesia

Pikachu’s Amnesia June 4, 2018 09:03 N/A N/A
Big Red causes Pikachu to get a terrible amnesia that makes him think that he works for Big Red. So Big Red decides to take advantage of that and tells lies to convince Pikachu to help him take over the world. Now Big Red and Pikachu are destroying the town in a robo and that's a big no-no!



The KWJs- Pikachu2; Double Trouble

The KWJs- Pikachu2; Double Trouble

Pikachu2; Double Trouble June 14, 2018 12:22 N/A N/A
Big Red unexpectedly clones Pikachu with his "Clone Ray".



The KWJs The Power of 3

The KWJs The Power of 3.5

The Power of 3.5 September 2, 2018 16:52 N/A N/A
The Town of Liberty Lane is in for a BIG surprise: The Kroozie-way Jays find out they have a long, lost younger brother. Looks like there's a third Kroozie-way Jay in town! But how will things play out? And how will the spoiled Joseph Potter respond to that?

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Season 2 Timeline:Edit

  • Ten things had happened in 2018:
    • February is nothing but mayhem because Joseph Potter decided to legalise crime.
    • March was when our heroes' guardian was playing an addictive game and Big Red tricked three children into getting superpowers.
    • Joseph Potter was throwing a very big party, a burglar tried to rob our heroes and our heroes pretended to be Kurtis and Pika from KurtisTheSnivy in April.
    • Kroozies got cloned again in May.
    • Pikachu then suffers from amnesia and another horrible clone from Big Red for the month of June.
    • 3 months later, in September, Riolu came into the action.