Season 2 of The Kroozie-way Jays was announced just before the end of 2017 and premiered on February 18, 2018 and concluded on September 2, 2018.



Episode names with an asterisk denotes a REMAKE.

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Season 2 Timeline:Edit

  • Ten things had happened in 2018:
    • February is nothing but mayhem because Joseph Potter decided to legalise crime.
    • March was when our heroes' guardian was playing an addictive game and Big Red tricked three children into getting superpowers.
    • Joseph Potter was throwing a very big party, a burglar tried to rob our heroes and our heroes pretended to be Kurtis and Pika from KurtisTheSnivy in April.
    • Pikachu then suffers from amnesia and another horrible clone from Big Red for the month of June.
    • 3 months later, in September, Riolu came into the action.