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The Kroozie-way JaysEdit

Pikachu Chu (The Awesomest One)Edit

Pikachu Chu Scared


  • Pikachu is a yellow anthropomorphic mouse Pokémon with black eyes and white pupils. He also has red spots for conducting and storing electricity.
    • If someone gets oh-so close to him, he will emit very bad electric sparks and the person will be shocked in embarrassment.


  • Pikachu is shown to be a very cheeky character and doesn't play by the rules, in which Blacky doesn't appreciate it.
    • Just like Joseph, he has a short fuse and is short tempered because somethings might not go his way.

The High Pitched Voice Snivy Chu (The Cute One)Edit

The High Pitched Voice Snivy 2018


  • The High Pitched Voice Snivy (High Pitched Voice, or The HPV Snivy for short) is a forest green (cerulean from Season 2 and onwards) grass snake with a forest green (cerulean from Season 2 and onwards) body and a some-what yellow outer body with yellow tails.


  • High Pitched Voice is shown to be nice and although he doesn't lead The Kroozie-way Jays, he's shown to correct those that have to be corrected, especially Pikachu.
    • He also gets scared easily of things.

Supporting CharactersEdit

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