Clone Jam! is the 3rd Season 1 and fourth episode of The Kroozie-way Jays. It was published on October 29th, 2017. A remake was published on December 9th 2017.

Plot: Edit

At 702 Liberty Lane:Edit

Clone Jam opens up with Blacky announcing the best thing he has ever invented and that he wants The Kroozie-way Jays to come over and see what he done. The 2 in the process ask what Blacky has done and he (Blacky) had done a dime replica, which is not even real. With what Blacky said, KWJs both found the dime replica amusing. Blacky said that his dime is worth nothing and it is not even real and is the biggest invention made.

Joseph appears!Edit

When Joseph strikes into the house of 702 Liberty Lane, he said that Blacky's luck is about to run out (even The KWJs'). Sooner, later, or never, he may become the only Kroozie-way Jay.

Call for Money?Edit

Joseph shouts for his father to gain $2 million dollars and after 3 attempts, he uses it to bail out The Pikachu Bros., whom are stuck in Liberty Lane Prison.

Jailbreaking time!Edit

After bailing The Pikachu Bros. out of prison, Red thanks him for doing so since they had to spend 25 years until death and Joseph compliments them, but he would like a favour for the 5; they will earn $2 million dollars if they help Joseph. Red asks why, which causes Joseph to tell him that Blacky has made a dime replica; he (Joseph) has decided to erase The Kroozie-way Jays from existence by using the fake dime Blacky has created in order to rule the world just like Big Red; Joseph said that he will share the world with The Pikachu Bros. if they help him.

Villans assemble...Edit

At 702 Liberty Lane, Joseph, Red, Blu, Gren, Purpl and Yelo show up to steal the dime replica and Joseph uses his book to turn Blu and Gren into Pikachu and HPV. Now "The KWJs" attempt to steal the dime.

KWJs departure and their arrival?Edit

The real Kroozie-way Jays earn the money to go and watch a movie whilst Blacky watches SML along with the fake KWJs sneaking into Blacky's house to steal that dime; Blacky was still watching SML and doing impressions of SML characters. When Blacky hears the door knocking, he see the fake KWJs and he thinks that he is speaking to the "REAL" KWJs and when "Pikachu" said steal, Blacky sends "The Kroozie-way Jays" to their room, or they will stay in that room for an entire year. When Blacky gets mad, he phones the emergency services to have Officer Ty keep an eye on them ("The Kroozie-way Jays").


Joseph begins to get paranoid when he notices that Blu and Gren are stuck in The KWJs rooms, so he uses his book to turn into Blacky Cruise and get "The KWJs" to escape from "their room".

The real ones return.Edit

When The real Kroozie-way Jays return from the cinema, they said that they both have enjoyed the movie that they have watched. When they get inside the house, Blacky said that they have both left their rooms (when it was actually Blu and Gren), which resulted in them (The Kroozie-way Jays) to return into their room, or they will stay in there for 2 years instead of the one year they have already had.#

The fakers, they're back!Edit

With the real Pikachu looking for Blacky, Blu and Gren split up to look for the dime replica, but as soon as the real Pikachu gives Gren the dime replica, he gets kidnapped by Joseph and Blu gets tied up HPV.

In Joseph's airship...Edit

The plan was about to succeed with Joseph reverting back into his true form with his magical spell book; Gren found out that Blu was missing and he got the blame for mistaking "Pikachu" for Blu. When Pikachu sees Joseph, he flies into Joseph before losing his superpowers... Joseph than evilly laughs as soon as he was just about to succeed.

Back at 702 Liberty LaneEdit

Blacky, once again, was watching "SML Movie: Jeffy's Trap!"; he then notices that "Pikachu" was acting gangsta, when it turns out that it was actually Blu who was involved in the plan. Now HPV and Blacky rush into Joseph's house to save Pikachu.

At Joseph Potter Manor:Edit

The plan was put into action very well - Joseph was about to succeed when he was about to throw the dime replica into the electric defensive net and tells The Pikachu Bros. to keep Pikachu tied up, but as soon as Pikachu escapes from the net, he flies into Joseph, but Red and Gren urgently keep hold of Pikachu.

Final BattleEdit

HPV and Blacky appear, only to get Pikachu and outnumber Joseph by switching the dime; when Joseph realises that he had the real dime, he and Blacky then trade the dimes for Pikachu and when making the switch, the plan for Joseph failed!

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  • At 1:09, Joseph appears 1 frame late.


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