Pikachu Mad Right 2019
"Please, High Pitched Voice. I’ll handle this!"
This episode, season, short, or movie does not have an official release date. It will be announced as soon as John Cruz finishes working on it.

Big Red and the Chaos Emeralds would have been a movie of the American animation series, The Kroozie-way Jays; Chapter 1 was published on January 26, 2019; further chapters will not be shown because the creator lost interest in animating.


Chapter 1:Edit

The Kroozie-way Jays, Pikachu and The High Pitched Voice Snivy fall into Big Red's ultimate plan, causing them to fight against The Pikachu Bros!


Chapter 1:Edit

Big Red's past attemptsEdit

Chapter 1 opens up with Big Red taking over the world by robbing a bank out in the open, thus destroying it into pieces in the process of doing so: he was about to claim victory until The KWJs appear and knock Big Red down.

In Big Red’s Lair...Edit

Later in Big Red’s Lair, Big Red tries to come up with a plan to bring The KWJs "to their knees", except there is one problem; all his plans fail, thus trying to come up with a sinister and diabolical plan to destroy The KWJs. He later watches the news to find ideas that could help him take over the world and Newscaster Ty announces that all Sonic The Hedgehog games are available in all game retailers ... and then he (Newscaster Ty) tells the viewers to collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds in those games to become unstoppable.

A plan is put into action!Edit

This gave Big Red an idea to destroy The Kroozie-way Jays by inventing a teleporter; this meant that the future was now thanks to science! With Big Red’s teleporter, he uses it to make the 7 Chaos Emeralds real, only for them to be sent flying in different directions in the process. Big Red decides to set out and search for them on foot, until he notices the blue Chaos Emerald landing on his head; now he must find the remaining 6 before anyone else does.

With The Kroozie-way Jays...Edit

At The Kroozie-way Jays house, both Pikachu and The High Pitched Voice Snivy wake up and suddenly find a yellow Chaos Emerald landing on HPV’s head; Pikachu was amazed to see it ... and of course, he calls himself "the awesomest one" while seeing it!

It’s GONE!Edit

When the lights unexpectedly turn off and then turn back on, the Chaos Emerald disappears suddenly and now The KWJs must find them both and see who was behind all this; in the process, Pikachu flies all the way into Big Red’s lair and High Pitched Voice calls him (Pikachu) back in the process.

Enter The Pikachu Bros.Edit

Now they notice 5 Pikachu roaming in the town and then they all assemble. While High Pitched Voice comes up with a plan to stop The Pikachu Bros, Pikachu flies away (much to High Pitched Voice’s dismay). Pikachu then tells the 5 to give the yellow Chaos Emerald back, but refuse because they wanted to sell it, thus making them disappear. Much to High Pitched Voice’s second dismay, Pikachu tries to call Red and his Bros. back by making fun of him (mostly Red); this caused Red to get mad and then Blu plays The Pikachu Bros. Theme.

The fight begins! Edit

Now as soon as the fight begins, High Pitched Voice, Blu, Yelo, Gren and Purpl jump into the sky and fight in the air, Red and Pikachu collide with each other into the ground until Pikachu flies and grabs Red by the tail and throws him out of the background; this caused Purpl to use his psychic powers and send Pikachu flying to the side with Red attempting to ram into Pikachu while he's sent flying, until Pikachu makes a safe landing and sends Red flying and while Red falls Pikachu rapidly attacks him; back in the sky, HPV dodges Blu’s spin dash attack and Gren’s clones, but got hit by Yelo in the process. Meanwhile, that's when Pikachu decided to help his younger brother by using Red as a springboard and hits Yelo, causing him (Yelo) got sent flying downward to the ground. Now back to the fight, Pikachu grabs Blu right when he's trying to spin dash into Pikachu and tries to throw Blu into Gren which he (Gren) dodges which ends up sending Blu flying in the process; he (Pikachu) then uses his spin dash to rapidly hit Gren and then headbutt Blu; this caused Blu and Gren flying back to the ground. And finally, HPV got immobilized by Purpl and Pikachu decides to free his own brother in the process. And then High Pitched Voice sees Red behind a trash can and decides to throw him. But that wasn’t all, The Pikachu Bros. use their "Tower of Pika-DOOM" to knock The Kroozie-way Jays out at full speed; this caused High Pitched Voice to be defeated and Pikachu to be severely injured. But when The Pikachu Bros notice that Pikachu is still standing and then they decide unleash their Tower of Pika-DOOM at Pikachu.

Fighting OVER!Edit

However, Blacky calls the fight off because Pikachu was pushing himself too hard and then The Pikachu Bros. get away in the process... with the Chaos Emerald ; Chapter 1 closes with Big Red announcing his plans and shows the viewers and subscribers to watch the teaser trailer and subscribe to The Kroozie-way Jays.

Appearances Edit

Chapter 1:Edit

Chapter 2:Edit

NOTE: Blacky Cruise and The Pikachu Bros. are both likely to appear as seen in the end of Chapter 1.

Sneak Peeks:Edit

Chapter 1:Edit

An asterisk denotes that the original sneak peek is deleted.

Trivia Edit

Chapter 1:Edit

  • This is the first video to feature 3 things:
    • The first full length video to be released in 2019.
    • The first video to have Big Red's arms facing downwards.
      • Which is also the first video to have Big Red's mouth moving.
    • The first video to feature the idle poses for Pikachu, High Pitched Voice and The Pikachu Bros.
    • The first video to have lighting on the characters (except for Blacky).
    • The first video to have hit 100 views in an entire day.


Chapter 1:Edit

  • At 8:34, Purpl was not given any lighting.
    • Although Purpl was not given any lighting this time mark, it was completely intentional to suit the dark background.


Chapter 1:Edit

  • At 2:11, both Big Red’s teleporter and the quote, “If you don’t have experience in inventing, don’t invent!” respectively come from The Henry Stikmin series.