Autumn Beach Battle is the 1st Season 3 and twenty-second episode of the American animation series, The Kroozie-way Jays. It was published on YouTube on November 17, 2018, AKA Logan Thirtyacre’s 24th birthday.

Plot Edit

In 702 Liberty Lane:Edit

Pikachu and High Pitched Voice woke up once again, but HPV Snivy was upset that summer ended. Pikachu, however, said that summer vacation was fun while it lasted.

Blacky's call:Edit

Blacky calls The Kroozie-way Jays over to his room to see what Blacky wants. As soon as they arrive, Blacky wants to know if he and The Kroozie-way Jays could go over to the beach, when it is Autumn/Fall. Pikachu asks why they would want to do that since Autumn is a bit chillier than Summer; Blacky said that not many people will be there anyway since it is autumn. Much to Pikachu's dismay, the three both agree to go to the beach.

The Beach:Edit

Blacky, Pikachu and High Pitched Voice all show up, only for The Pikachu Bros. to show up by robbing everything from the beach. This is where the five come in.

The Pikachu Bros. Interlude:Edit

The five of them perform their interlude of how they appear, only to realise that Blu had played the wrong song, The Spirit Squad; Red had got ballistic of what Blu just caused because he pressed the wrong song. They then do it for real this time.


As soon as they finished their interlude, Pikachu then breaks out a fight with The Pikachu Bros. and High Pitched Voice soon gets surprised of what Pikachu is doing. Red then makes Gren and Blu use their cloning powers and fast movements to try and stop Pikachu from winning the battle, only to have Blu being thrown at Red, Yelo and Purpl by Pikachu and then they dodge. Red then makes Purpl disband Pikachu from moving with his psychic powers; he then made Yelo knock Pikachu off the air, which causes Pikachu to lose his temper and try and go "Super Sayien" on them, only for him to be stopped by High Pitched Voice. The only way to defeat the five of them is by working together, much to ANOTHER dismay of Pikachu. All 5 of them then decide to join in to obliterate The Kroozie-way Jays.

Rukus? What rukus?Edit

Officer Ty then comes in to tell that the seven of them need to follow all 24 rules of the beach, which causes Pikachu to get fustrated when he finds out about the rules; High Pitched Voice then shuts Pikachu up by reading the rules of the beach. Pikachu thought that "No. 18 - All major disputes must be settled through a righteous volleyball game!" was a very ridiculous rule. Much to Pikachu's 3rd dismay, Officer Ty did not come up with the rules since he follows them. Pikachu then reads the previous rule, "No. 17 - If you fail to follow the rules, your punishment shall be llama themed!", much to Pikachu's 4th dismay.

The Volleyball Game:Edit

Blu makes fun of Pikachu by calling him a 'Loser-way'. HPV then smirks at Pikachu, which causes him to join the game, much to yet again Pikachu's dismay. Officer Ty announces that the first team to earn 20 points wins the game. Pikachu and HPV then try to get the ball, but they suddenly bump into each other causing The Pikachu Bros to earn a point. Tension reigns when Pikachu and HPV have an arguement. Purpl uses his powers to send the volleyball flying towards the sky when the two of them try to get the ball, thus earning them (The Pikachu Bros.) another point. After a montage of them earning points, Pikachu Bros have 19 points - Kroozie-way Jays have none; the next point of this battle wins the game. Pikachu said that they have earnt 19 points since HPV was not keeping up with the ball. Officer Ty said that if The Pikachu Bros. win, they will own the beach. Pikachu Bros. try to earn that final point, only for the Kroozie-way Jays to earn 20 points in a row; before that happened, Red says that his team are fools because apparently, they are letting them win.


The KWJs then throw a party to celebrate their winning, but they couldn't because Pikachu did not feel like partying; another rule had shown up now that he asked. "Rule 23 - All resolved disputes must end in a party... ...OR ELSE!" was the reason why Officer Ty said that this was one of the beach rules. Instead of Pikachu getting mad like he did before, he decides to party since it was part of the beach rules.

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Trivia Edit

  • Blacky had a very minor role as he only appeared for 1 minute.
    • So in theory, this episode had the second to shortest time interval for Blacky.
  • Mario & Luigi Dream Team Sound Effects were used for the first time in this Episode
    • In the last episode, only music from it was used as well as a reference made to it.
  • From this episode, credits were no longer used.
    • Instead, they were replaced by end screens.
  • Rules numbers 17, 18, 19, 23 and 24 were seen in this episode.
  • As well as it is the final episode to be published in 2018, it is also the final season to be published in 2018 and the final episode overall in the series!

Music used:Edit

Music used during the volleyball game.

Gargos Theme-Killer Instinct Gold


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